Saturday, 22 October 2011

Updating with DTV data

Jens Vaaben's homepage currently has following lists of DTV (Digital television) services.
  • 'MT, DTT', list of DTV services that can be received in Malta with DVB-T receiver.
  • 'Intelsat 707, Thor 2,3', list of DTV services that can be received in Malta with DVB-S/S2 receiver.
In this post I will explain how these lists are produced.
The raw data is captured with following hardware and software
After launching DVBStreamExplorer a connected device is selected. DVBStreamExplorer needs to be configured with MUX list to scan. It is beyond the scope of the this post to explain this here. Instead I will refer you to DVBStreamExplorer userguide for more details.

Use the function 'Multiple DVB-S MUX scanning' in DVBStreamExplorer to scan all MUX'es in a DVB-S network.
Use the function 'Multiple DVB-T MUX scanning' in DVBStreamExplorer to scan all MUX'es in a DVB-T network.
After scanning all MUX'es you'll end up with all raw PSI/SI data as shown below.

You can also switch to service view like shown below. This is is more user friendly presentation of the service information.

After scanning all MUX'es the PSI/SI service information is exported to CSV file.
An example of exported DVB.T CSV file can be downloaded here.
An example of exported DVB-S CSV file can be downloaded here.

Finally the CSV is uploaded to live server using a small home made utility.

The list is now ready to be shown at Jens Vaaben's homepage.