Thursday, 11 October 2012

Using Google Drive with DVBStreamExploerer exported CSV files

Service information files exported from DVBStreamExplorer in CSV format can be uploaded to Google Drive and converted to Google Spreadsheets. Service information can then be shared easily with other users and you can access information from everywhere including handheld and mobile devices.
You will need either a Google Account or a Google Apps Account.

Below is a DVBStreamExplorer scan of local DVB-T channels (Malta) exported to Google Docs spreadsheet.

Direct link to spreadsheet:

Below is a DVBStreamExplorer scan of 'Astra 19.2°E' exported to Google Docs spreadsheet.

Direct link to spreadsheet:

Once service CSV file has been converted to spreadsheet one could apply Google Apps Script to add special features. This could for instance be extraction of certain information which would normally be difficult to spot when looking at a large spreadsheet. Or it could be used to spot service changes over time. For instance if 'Astra 19.2°E' was scanned one day and then scanned again a week after a script could generate a report of service changes. Such a report could include added and removed services, and list of services where one or more properties changed.

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