Thursday, 6 February 2014

Discover section table_id with TS File Demux

When processing a TS file with TS File Demux a file named sectionreport.csv is created in output directory. This file contains various statistics about sections found in stream. Starting from TS File Demux V2.2.11 a new field, table_id, has been added to this file. This field contains a list of unique table_id's found in section stream. Sometimes this information can be useful, especially for streams containing multiple types of tables.
Below is an example of sectionreport.csv file after processing a DVB TS file.

It can be seen that PID 17 (0x11) contains SDT actual transport stream (0x42) and SDT other transport stream (0x46) tables.
PID 18 (0x12) contains various types of EIT tables.
PID 20 (0x14) contains TDT and TOT tables.
PID 48 (0x40) is a CA EMM stream containing table_id's 0x82 and 0x84 tables.
PID 102 (0x66) is a CA ECM stream containing table_id's 0x80 and 0x81 tables.
PID 8001 (0x1f41) contains a DSM-CC carousel. Table_id 0x3b is userNetworkMessage and table_id 0x3c is downloadDataMessage.

You can open the sample sheet here