Sunday, 5 February 2017

DVB TS Monitor ECM stream list.


DVB TS Monitor in latest DVBStreamExplorer (v4.0.25) now includes a list of all ECM streams found in TS.

This has been added as a convenience to have all ECM streams in TS listed in one place. Each ECM stream item includes basic information such as CA_system_ID and PID. It also includes information about which program(s) referenced the ECM stream.
Without this list one would have to walk through each service and its elementary streams to get information about ECM stream usage.

Set tuner from DVB TS Monitor

Another new feature is the option to set tuner directly from TS Monitor. No more switching back to main window, set tuner and then open TS Monitor again.
Even better, for certain relevant tree items in TS Monitor it's now possible to right-click on item to show a popup menu from where tuner dialog can be opened. Tuner dialog will be preset with parameters relevant in the context of selected item.
This should make it more convenient to quickly switch to a TS of interest. 
Currently context menu can be activated from following tree items:
  • Other MUX Services items.
  • Other MUX Network items.
  • EIT service items under Present/Following and Schedule.
Note that for all tuner operations TS Monitor scanning must be in stopped state.