Sunday, 25 November 2012

BDA tuner configuration in DVBStreamExplorer

DVBStreamExplorer V3.0.113 fixes a problem that it would fail to initialize some BDA devices on Windows 7. The old device selection box looked like below.

 In case of device initialization failure you would see a message like below when starting application.

While fixing this issue, it was found that the application was not always able to reliably detect BDA tuner configuration. I.e. it was possible that a DVB-T device could be detected as DVB-S device.

You can verify how your BDA tuner device was detected by application by opening Device / Settings page.
Below is a screenshot showing how a DVB-C  device was detected as DVB-S.

As a workaround a new feature has been added, so that it is now possible to specify network (tuner) type when selecting device during application launch.
The new device selection box is shown below.

You can select between auto detect, DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C and ATSC.
It is recommended to first try with auto detect. If then network type is not detected correctly by application, you will need to specify correct network type when launching application.
Note that application can only remember the last network type used. So if you change between different BDA device types, you will have to specify correct network type every time you launch application unless you are using auto detect option.