Sunday, 25 November 2012

Export to folder after SI scan in DVBStreamExplorer

If you are using DVBStreamExplorer to scan entire DVB, ATSC or ISDB networks for PSI/SI/PSIP information, you might appreciate a new feature in DVBStreamExplorer Professional Edition V3.0.113 that allows you to have various files exported and saved automatically when PSI/SI/PSIP scan is completed. Note that this feature is only applicable for 'Multiple * MUX scanning' features found in PSI/SI/PSIP menu.

The new feature can be enabled from Options / Preferences / SI scan page as shown below.

Here you can enable/disable the feature, select destination folder and select which file types you want to export.
'Save SI XML' corresponds to File / Save/Save As file, which is a file type that can be loaded by DVBStreamExplorer for offline viewing of PSI/SI/PSIP information.
'Save service XML' and 'Save CSV' corresponds to options found in File / Export / XML and File / Export / CSV.
All files will be saved in specified folder. File name will be automatically generated based on network type, export type and date/time of export. The date/time part of file name is based on, but does not necessarily strictly conform to, ISO 8601. The time is specified in UTC to allow files to be easily exchanged between different time zones.