Friday, 1 February 2013

DVBStreamExplorer V4.0 configuration changes


A new feature in DVBStreamExplorer V4.0 is the ability to run multiple instances. This feature is described in following blog post: Running multiple instances of DVBStreamExplorer. Introduction of this feature has some effect on how DVBStreamExplorer handles configuration and logging compared to DVBStreamExplorer V3.0.


In DVBStreamExplorer V3.0 all configuration data, excpet for MUX lists, was stored globally while MUX lists were stored in context of the selected device.
With the introductiion of multiple running instances this was not pratical since changes made in one running instance would affect configuration in another running instance.
As a consequence all configuration is now stored in the context of selected device. This has the negative side effect that all custom configuration done must be applied for each device that you are using with DVBStreamExplorer. However that would seem a reasonable price to pay for the ability to run multiple instances of DVBStreamExplorer.


When options preferences window is opened following will show.

Here the logging folder is shown. In DVBStreamExplorer V3.0 log files are saved in the root of this folder. In DVBStreamExplorer V4.0 log files are saved in subfolders of this folder. Each subfolder is created at run-time with a name derived from process ID of running DVBStreamExplorer instance. A negative side effect is that these subfolders with content are left behind and accumulate used disk space over time. This issue will be addressed in a future release. Until then it is advised to clean up log folder from time to time. Note that log files are not really targeted application user. They are intended to be used by DVBStreamExplorer author to troubleshoot any issues found.