Saturday, 2 February 2013

TS File Demux split PES/ES files on continuity error

TS File Demux V2.1.8 has just been released. A new feature has been introduced that will allow PES/ES files to be split whenever a continuity error is detected in TS packet.

In previous version you could end up with PES/ES files with missed packets due to continuity error in TS packet.
It might be desirable to produce PES/ES files without missed packets. The new feature will split PES/ES files every time continuity error is detected in TS packet for the PID in question. A new file will be created with name derived from  the base name of PES/ES file and .001, .002 etc appended.
Below is shown a screenshot below of output folder where split PES files have been created.


  • Only TS packet header is decoded in order to detect continuity errors. Content of PES/ES packet is not decoded and/or analyzed in any way.
  • This option can cause an excessive number of files to be created in output folder if there are a lot of continuity errors in TS file.