Sunday, 21 August 2016

DVBStreamExplorer Community Preview

A DVBStreamExplorer Community Preview including Python integration has been made public available. This is in a very early stage but will allow you to try out Python integration feature now.

At this point only x64 is available. You need a valid DVBStreamExplorer license or you can try it out for time limited period. You also need to have Python 3 x64 version installed.
Download from here:

This version is almost identical to the recent DVBSE 4.0.21 except for the Python integration.
To integrate Python launch DVBStreamExplorer. Open options / preferences. You should notice a new tab 'Python integration'.

Here you can enable Python integration. You can open the the folder where user Python scripts should be stored. The folder path is fixed and cannot be changed.

Currently only Multiple DVB MUX scanning (S/C/T) integrates Python.

Download following script and use it as a starting point, This basically just defines simple stubs for the methods that will be invoked by DVBStreamExplorer.
The print statements do not have any effect when invoked from DVBStreamExplorer since these is no active console for output. They were used when invoking script from a small Python test application. Each method increments a member variable, This is just to demonstrate that state is kept in between calls.
Now you can modify the sample script for your own need. The general rule is if you want DVBStreamExplorer to continue it's current task return 0. If you want DVBStreamExplorer to abort it's current task return 1. In the sample script this is demonstrated for DVB-S scanning that will skip scanning for vertical transponders.

This is work in progress and likely to change before final release. It is strongly recommended not to make any custom solution for production usage. Things can break in furure preview and final releases.

Feel free to provide feedback, either as comment to post or directly to